10 Budget Lunches That Arent Salad

September 7, 2018

If you're looking for cheap lunch recipes that will keep you full through the afternoon, well, you came to the right spot. These budget-friendly recipes have enough bulk to them that you won't be starving an hour after eating. They also come together easily and can be made the night before. Win-win-win!

A healthy sprinkle of crunchy granola turns a plain ol' peanut butter and banana sandwich into something much more exciting.

These beans have so many possibilities: Pile them on salad greens, toss then with cooked grains, or simply eat them on their own.

A frittata is the perfect way to clean out your kitchen: Gather whatever vegetables you have in your crisper drawer, that last bit of cheese, and some leftover meat and you've got lunch.

Your favorite tub of hummus becomes lunch when you pile it with roasted veggies and grab some pita to dunk in it.

Canned salmon is often skipped over at the grocery store, but it's worth your time: It's a budget-friendly option that's a nice change from tuna!

Turn a super-affordable head of cabbage into a comforting lunch by combining it with a couple of cans of white beans, broth, and few other vegetables.

These vegetarian nuggets can be made ahead then re-warmed and re-crisped in the toaster oven.

Feel free to experiment with other fillings for these crepe-like egg wraps, like turkey, shredded chicken, or chopped vegetables.

A can of refried beans is the star of this cheap and filling lunch — just don't forget the salsa and sour cream!

You don't even need to cook the sweet potato before making these patties. Simply grate it on a box grater and mix with the beans, egg, and breadcrumbs.

Source: thekitchn.com